INk blot is about Graphic Design,is about the divisions ,the birth, the influences and is a celebration of the Art that is for many unknown. The Art of Graphic Design.
I will be posting 10 articles about Graphic Design, one of the articles
the 1st is called ‘Type that screams revolution’ is about the avant-garde typography in 1920s I will show the influences and the designer behind this influence.
The 2nd is called the ‘Unique Paul Rand’ will be showing Paul Rand influence in Graphic Design the birth of Graphic Design
The 3rd is called ‘The battle of the rights and wrongs’ this is an article that talks about Modernism and Postmodernism and the division within Graphic Design
The 4th is called ‘Love or Hate’ is about the type called Helvetica, a modernist type will give my opinion and show the voices of some modernists.
The 5th is called the ‘Once upon a time’ is a short history of animation
The 6th is called ‘The grid trashed’ is a review on No More Rules book from Rick Poynor a design writer.
The 7th is called the Genius is about Edward Johnston a typographers that has designed the roundel symbol for the London underground.
The 8th is called ‘ Double success’ is about Charles and Ray Eams is about their design in Furniture
The 9th is called ‘Revamp of the Penguin book’ is about the changes on the cover of the penguin books.
I hope you will gain knowledge as we all know knowledge is power.
Enjoy it!


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