Double sucess

When I think about Design and Furniture design no one could do it has well as Charles and Eames the nature of their design is attention to detail and mostly simplicity.
Looking at their Design today all I think is that could have been produced by todays designers they were certainly ahead of their time.

I went to look into this site called The Work of Charles and Ray Eames it goes thru the series of details into their careers it shows a quote by Charles Eames:
”Recognizing the need, is the primary condition for design.”
I belive that is applied to every field of design that in order to be successful design the need must be identified first.[]

It continues to say that in at the beginning of their careers together, Charles and Ray have identified the need for cheaper but quality furniture for the average person, they wanted furniture that could serve a variety of uses and that will last. []

.image retrieved from:

In today´s furniture we can see certainly the decline of quality, quality comes with a price that some can’t afford and we move to a circle of buy today knowing that it wont be long lasting.I think that is when things when we can see difference of todays society focus on consumerism not worried about the value of their money.

It continues to say that they have tried to meet this challenge for forty years, that they have experimented ways to meet this challenge, designing flexibility into their compact storage units and collapsible sofas for the home; seating for stadiums, airports, and schools; and chairs for virtually anywhere. []
It says that the chairs were designed for Herman Miller in four materials and the concept was to search for seat and back forms that comfortably support the human body, using three dimensionally shaped surfaces or flexible materials instead of cushioned upholstery. []

image retrieved

Charles and Ray Eames success is undeniable with a vast number of creative and very distinct designs.


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