Revamp of the Peguin book

Penguin books according to the book Jan Tschichold a life in typography were first published in 1935.the writer says that:’ During the world war that have followed forward, penguin books have proved to be an unbelievable blessing for to the troops, and to civilians. They could be carried in gas-mask bags, and often was left out to accommodate more Penguins’ he continues to say that when the war ended Allen Lane, Penguin founder , had a fast growing business to organise and had the genius to realise that he needed not just any designer, but the best in the world that he could buy. The writer says that Allen Lane asked many people, including the present writer and all replied that there were many good designers in Brittain, that there was no need to go abroad, then Oliver Simon recommended Jan Tschichold. He says that Allen Lane was determined and rejected advice of the majority he then decided to go to Switzerland with Oliver Simon and invite Tschichold to become the penguin Typographical supremo.[1997, p.11]

Tschichold was well-known by then he was as expert on book cover ad he was truly the best, by employing Tschichold the face of the Penguin book, was about to change.

The writer says that Tschichold first steps were to ask every single copy of the piece of printed paper used by Penguin, as well as examples of all their books. he says that by that time , over 500 different titles had been published as Penguins, and there were several series. [1997, p.11]

To understand Tschichold success we really have to look at his commitment and hard works towards the profession that he so much-loved. The writer says that Tschichold annotated every item with his criticism in pencil. This comments, circulated to editorial staff before he arrived.[1997, p.12]

The changes of the Penguin book

Early Penguin covers image retrieved from Wikipedia

Early Penguin covers image retrieved from Wikipedia

The book cover look like this before Tschichold arrived

Designed by Edward Young, this was the original Penguin cover as Tschichold
found it retrieved from:

In December 1949 Tschilchold is back to Switzerland the writer says that he
The cover of Selected Letters by DH Lawrence, designed by Tschichold
in 1950, his second draft for Penguin, which preserved Young’s basic grid
but made subtle adjustments – notably the use of Gill Sans throughout and a
redesigned logo[guardian] retrieved from:

This 1950 edition of The Great Gatsby features subtle modifications,
including a descriptive tag line and elegantly reworked typography
[guardian] retrieved from:

I came cross this site design museum that explained that:
Tschichold recommended the typographer Hans Schmoller (1916-1985) from Curwen press as he had a rich knowledge of type and eye for detail, he wasn’t radical as Tschilchold , in his approach and tended to refine Tschichold’s templates rather than inventing his own. He changed the Penguin grid from horizontal to vertical in 1951. The vertical grid had been devised at Tschichold’s behest by the designer Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen, but was not adopted until Schmoller had modified it. The result was the division of the cover into three vertical stripes, which allowed enough space for illustration while maintaining the tri-partite division and the original 1930s colour coding so strongly associated with Penguin.[ design 20010.03]


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