Unique Paul Rand

Paul Rand was for many of the Graphic Designer industry an inspiration he has inspired generations of graphic designers as George Lois said: “ The constant concern of scholarly and humanistic Paul Rand was to create images that snared people’s eyes, penetrated their minds, warmed their hearts and made them act. And he did it, believe me, his way. His major concern was striving for a cause and effect in the creation of his work, and with tireless and selfless effort, teach write and inspire younger generations to march to his beat.”[1999,p.9]

Rand was an innovator in Graphic design his ideas were of his own his had a character and design his design had witty humour.

retrieved from:://www.google.com/imgres IBM Logo 1981

In the book Paul Rand the writer says that when Rand was twenty-four barely into his career PM(October/November 1938), America leading graphic trade magazine, hailed him as the most promising young influence in the American Graphic Design; he says that the magazine demanded that Rand be taken seriously because neither dogma nor fashion dictated.
`Rand is unhampered by traditions. ´the magazine declared. `He has no stereotyped style because every task is something new and demands its own solution. Consequently there is nothing laboured or forced about his work’.[1999,p.13]

Rand was known to be a master in problem solving and that was one of his many qualities that Rand had and made him one of the greater graphic designers.

Rand was a modernist he had the same views of clarity, order and space.
As the writer of Paul Rand book writes about Rand modernist views:
`Modernism was not merely a suit of clothes that could be taken off as styles or attitudes changed. He was devoted to a fault and therefore intolerant to excess.´
[Rand 1999, p.220]

image retrieved from:media-2.web.britannica

Rand has Produce a series of books putting his views opposed to Postmodernism he has produced a trilogy called Paul Rand Design Form and Chaos (1993) and Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art (1985). Books that he has received various critics about, especially from a younger generation of designers who felt that it was their to speak and since Rand was one of the few of his generation that spoke out.[1999,pag.221]

Paul Rand became a Professor the writer of Paul Rand book says :He taught briefly and sporadically at the Pratt, Cooper Union and The New York lab School before being invited to Yale as a visiting critic in 1956.Soon afterwards he was offered a formal appointment in the School of Art, a position that he retained until his retirement in 1993.At the time –mid-1950s- the Schools of Arts and Architecture included a number of European émigrés and Bauhaus disciple.[Paul Rand,1999 p.227]

The writer then continues to describe Rand style of teaching he says : Rand’s later assignments’ were, in a sense, intellectual explorations of study of limited means a pedagogical celebration of the modernism ideal. The writer says that Hugh Dubberly recalls: ` Mr. Rand class assignments were a marvel´.

`His presentation of the problems was brief and clear. He constrained the assignments so well that it was difficult to do poor.’[1999,p.231]

There is a Certainty that Paul Rand has inspired and will continue to inspire many future graphic designers to look at design the same way he did as he said in one of his quotes :
`Design is so simple that’s why it is so complicated.´
Paul Rand in his last public lecture,
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts,
14,November 1996

retrieved from:/www.thisisdisplay


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